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The Team

Sara (The Boss)

Sara has been crafting since she was a child and has tried her hand at many things, some were more successful than others however! She was taught to knit and crochet by an aunt, and since then has mastered cross stitch, tapestry, and card making.

She lives in Seaford with her wife Jan, a cat called George and a tortoise called Horatio. She has a son of 24 and a daughter of 20 and can’t wait for grandchildren!

In 2016 she began her journey into sewing and attended a local class on English Paper Piecing and made some wonderful friends, and so began the journey of The Patchwork Cat. She became a little bit obsessed with EPP and thought wouldn’t it be wonderful if her hobby was her job, and so set about finding a location for the shop. Finally she settled on Newhaven, and the building she found was big enough to sell her wares, teach, and also have a café too. On August 11th 2018 the shop opened and has since then gone from strength to strength.

EPP is her real love, but unfortunately time does not always allow her to do as much as she would like. Sara has recently restarted her journey into lacemaking and is trying to encourage some younger members to join the local society to keep the amazing art alive.

You will find Sara in every day (unless she can get a cheeky day off)-oh and she bakes too!


Wendy (Sara’s big sister)

Wendy concentrates on the baking for the café on her three days in the shop. Although she has crafted in the past her hands are now too poorly to be able to sew anymore. So instead she creates marvellous sweet treats for us all, scones, cakes, tray bakes, as well as all the savoury too-homemade quiches, soups and of course our sandwiches.  You must pop in and try some!

Wendy lives in Seaford with her husband, has a daughter, son, and 4 beautiful grandchildren.



Sara and Jacqui met at a sewing class in 2016, and since then have become great friends, they both share the same passion for fabrics, sewing and of course EPP. Jacqui works 3 days a week and can usually be found in the café, but her true love is in the fabric shop. She loves to move fabrics around to ease the buying process for our customers, and is brilliant at colour matching or suggesting a way out alternative that really works! Come and put her to the test!

Jacqui lives in Newhaven with her husband and dog Lucy, and has a daughter.

Oh and she bakes too!

Beautiful fabrics, quilting, crafts and kits