Shop Refurbishment - the Patchwork Cat takes shape

Shop Refurbishment - the Patchwork Cat takes shape

The Shop Refurbishment.

August 24th 2017…. not a very exciting date in anyone’s calendar, but it was in mine. It was the day I viewed ‘the shop’, and thus began a year of ups, downs, decisions and mini tantrums!

Are you sitting comfortably……then let me begin…..

I had decided that at the ripe old age of 41 I wanted my own business. I had spent most of my working career in accounts in the private sector of construction, with a break in the middle to work with adults with learning and physical disabilities. I had loved my various jobs, but I love to sew more. So, I sumised that if I made sewing my job then I would be happy. And so, The Patchwork Cat was born.

The shop is owned by the local council, I negotiated terms, and waited patiently for the lease to come along, and I waited and I waited a bit longer. Now patience has never been my strong point, so I started to buy some stock and operated as a pop up shop. I visited various sewing groups, and was introduced the lovely Julie and Michael at the Quilt Retreat in Hooe, East Sussex. I would load up the car and drive around the countryside selling beautiful fabric and lots of useful notions. I met some lovely sewists in this time, and also made some very good contacts.

And I still waited for the lease.

By now it was February, and I waited some more.

Then came April, I resigned from my proper job. By now the lease was looking to complete at the end of May. The excitement started to build……and then it was delayed again til the end of June……then finally I got the keys. OMG! Excited wasn’t the word. Do you see what I mean about the ups and the downs!

But now the work really began.

The shop was a complete bare brick shell. It didn’t have a light switch, an electric socket, and not even a toilet. I had obtained quotes back in October for all of the work to be carried out, so at last I was able to instruct the various trades. Here we are today on 5th August, we are 5 days from opening, all the painting has been done, the cupboards have been built, the disabled toilet has been installed, the flooring is down and the shelves are built. Stock is finally going in, and so the excitement builds again.

Please pop back again for a further update. Don’t forget opening day is the 11th August. I look forward to seeing you there

Sara xx

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