Bargello quilt in shades of purple and aqua

Bargello Quilt

I had always wanted to make a Bargello when I found this pattern on the internet.

It really is much easier than it looks, as non sewers will assume that each of those little squares are sew individually, which of course they are but all in strips.

But, it really was a labour of love! It took around 40 hours of work, and about 4 blades!

But what I enjoyed more than anything was teaching the block to several classes over a few weeks. So many of those students have completely run with the idea and have made several for other people, especially as it was coming up to Christmas.

I sent this quilt off to be longarm quilted and I was so pleased with it , the quilting makes such a difference. I hung it on the wall and it was sold for £400 three hours later! Now that has to be some record.

If you would like to book in for a Bargello class then please do get in touch.

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